What is counselling?

Counselling provides a safe, environment in which to share your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed in our lives or in our relationships. It is an opportunity for you to be supported with issues that might be causing you difficulty, for you to explore and gain a sense of perspective with someone who will listen to you and not judge you... in confidence.

Counselling and psychotherapy identify deep emotional needs, discover inner strengths, release fears and enable you to resolve difficult issues and traumatic experiences.

Who am I?   

I trained in a relational approach to therapy qualifying in 1997. I offer an integrative relational approach. I have Diploma Therapeutic Counselling and am member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and work within the BACP ethical framework and code of practice. I have nearly 20 years experience working as a counsellor/ psychotherapist. Since 2000 I have worked with a rape and sexual abuse counselling service. I am experienced in working with clients in crisis and I work with post stress issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I have a background of working with bereavement and have worked with sudden death through suicide, house fires, road traffic accidents which can lead to more complex and prolonged grieving. I have a person centred therapeutic massage practice, which greatly adds to my work as a counsellor.

For more details please take a look at my entry on the Counselling Directory.


I offer a time for you to reflect and share your thoughts and feelings. An opportunity for you to feel heard and supported to enable you to gain a perspective for the future. I offer short term counselling and longer term therapy. You may be able to resolve difficulties in a few sessions. Sometimes it may take longer, allowing sufficient time for gaining appropriate trust, looking at past experiences, and improving how you feel in your current life.

Counselling can help with a range of issues including:-

       loss of confidence

       self esteem

       bereavement and sudden death

       trauma in childhood

       violence and abuse in adulthood

       anxiety and depression

       relationship difficulties

       workplace issue

       eating disorders

       self harm.


Trauma Therapy

Experience or exposure to traumatic events including traffic accidents, sudden or unexpected death, violent personal assault, rape can influence our lives in ways we have not prepared ourselves for. People respond to trauma in a number of ways. Often reactions to trauma and the ways of coping become a problem and distressing responses can affect us physically and emotionally. Trauma therapy includes establishing safety, developing a positive therapeutic relationship, providing tools to contain hyper arousal or overwhelming feelings, identifying and building resources.


Somatic Trauma Therapy

I have completed a postgraduate training in Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild that incorporates different techniques and models for working with disturbing experiences. Including the SIBAM model, which helps us to understand, unresolved dissociated memories that become disconnected from our consciousness.


EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)

I offer EMDR as part of my practice, a therapy cited in the NICE guidelines as effective with post trauma difficulties. This combines the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with side-to-side eye movements (bilateral stimulation). It has been found to re-start the processing of traumatic memories and helps to integrate disturbing elements that would ordinarily take place during our REM or dream sleep.


To make an appointment -

Rachel  – 07725356266

or email - rg_therapy@yahoo.co.uk